Flaw-more not flawless

Its days and dresses like this I am worrying about my flaws. I actually felt good putting this outfit together but have been sitting here worrying that maybe it’s not the dress/outfit for me.  And me feeling full of flaws is not drinking the compliments I am getting as well as I would a Friday night wine. I however feel this state of mind is a learning opportunity for myself to love my flaws as individual and unique parts of me.

Just like this little quote suggests:

“I’m no longer going to perceive my flaws as negative qualities. My imperfections are what make me a gorgeous human.”

Maybe just maybe we shouldn’t have a negative in the word flawless. To me “less” means without and to describe a good thing as less something is like a missing piece, which I’m not sure is a positive thing. Maybe we need to reword it as flaw-more as more is more right?! Interesting concept to me today. I am embracing my flaws as a unique quality I have and without them I am just less…

Sorry guys and girls it’s Friday and I my brain is scrambled. I’m working on my 2% and this is all I came up with.

My outfit is a bit casual but it’s Friday and I am slipping into the week end. It is an old sunny girl dress and H&M vest, my Witners boots and statement necklace from Mojo (an amazing shop in Eltham). 

I hope your week end entails a sneaky bubble or two!  



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