Popped the bubble

For some time I have felt like someone popped my bubble. Being a women I have been patching up the hole piece by piece. But I know exactly where the hole is and sometimes I get focused on my bubble not looking perfect anymore.

Why does my bubble of the world need to even look perfect anymore. The hopes and dreams I had 5, 6 or even 10 years ago have changed. I know it will just take time and a few months of living mending the bubble to discover those hopes and dreams are no longer important as I thought. 

My biggest dream at this point is to squeeze more travel in. I love visiting other countries especially third world ones. I always find more clarity and feel ok that my bubble is not perfect and could do with a little work. 

Today I got some great advise about fixing my bubble of the world and it is focusing on the me in the bubble. If I am happy and healthy then my bubble will make me a calmer and more stable in my relationships with other people in their bubbles. 

As a child I was so imaginative and lived in my own bubble. I think how happy I was then with simple pleasures. My aim is to get back to that point and work from there forward.

Today I had a new (but never worn) ASOS skirt & shirt, Glassons blazer and Modcloth shoes. 



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