Failure is giving up

Have you ever thought that giving up on someone or something is the point where failure begins? I’m not talking about giving up a bad habit here I’m talking about relationships. 

I feel the point in which you give up on a friendship, lover,nor family member is admitting defeat and failure. Some people say a strong person walks away, but I’m almost positive that strong person who walked away often will live with regret or will forever wondering what if. 

I believe ever person has their darkest day and while no other person can pull them out of this they should get a second chance to show who they really are. In my line of work I will quite often get a funding application that is a request written up about someone’s worst day, I sure as hell wouldn’t want my darkest or worse trantrum being a judging point for the rest of my life. I like to think a person is like one of those colourful cubes (I can’t for the life of me remember what it is called) where you have every colour. Your aim is to put all the colours in a row, personally I liked the cube better when it was scattered with different colours. We are like that cube with different shades of personality at any given moment. 

Last night in my 1920’s get up I looked into the eyes of a man who walked away and gave up on a relationship. I seen the desperation and regret in his eyes as he knows deep down his biggest failure was to walk away and chose to only see someone he loves worst day. 

My outfit was an array of items bought and never worn for my wedding. With a couple of new accessories. The dress and fur was from ASOS and the pearls from Lovisa. I even rewore my wedding shoes!  



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