Have we got it upside down?

Over the week end I got thinking about the change in generations. In particularly when it comes to “the right time for a family”. I feel like for some (not all) we talk about having a nice house, nice car, good career and plenty of money in the bank for that rainy day when our offspring enter the world. Have we turned parenting and when to parent around 360 degrees?

I look back on photos of my parents, our house and our cars, and many of my friends parents and situation and think they didn’t have flash card or even the nicest of houses. But we came at the right time and have all turned out ok. In hindsight it wouldn’t have mattered to me if we had the flash clothes, biggest bike on the block or house. All that mattered was the few friends we had in our street, a toy box full of toys (both new and op shop ones) and siblings we could build a cubby house with. I never knew financially what my parents had but I never went with out. Now I look at my own house, cars,careers and think have I made it enough to consider bringing children into this world?

I never remember my parents having so many things as what I do. I have so many clothes and nice things that I just think maybe my generation is part of the “it’s never enough” generation. Are we so numb to the things that really matter like love, friends and money can’t buy moments that we build palaces for no on but ourselves. And let’s be honest having nice things is much more for filling if your sharing them with someone.

I also believe that you don’t need streamers and balloons to start a party. Just a byo bottle of your favourite poison, music and great friends. I think we need to be striped back to our raw selves to realise that we have enough to give. We don’t need all the bells and whistles to reproduce. It probably helps to have a plan but it may not need to include success in every area of life first! 

Today I am in a Modcloth dress, princess highway blazer, vintage scarf and Sportsgirl animal tights. I have my inner animal out on display as I need an injection of animal spirit to get me through my Monday. 



One thought on “Have we got it upside down?

  1. hi Rosie,

    I think you have hit the nail on the head for your generations and after. The best things in life money cannot buy and its about time everyone takes time out to realize this . Its becoming a very sad self centred world full of uncaring disrespectable people. Lets make sure that the best times are not a thing of the past.

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