Losing the guilt

Today’s lesson 101: don’t feel guilty for asking for what you want. I think we at some points we don’t feel we are worth whatever it is we really want. Sometimes we are too scared to ask for it and then we get disappointed with what we are offered and think “boy I’m worth more than this”. Maybe if we were more honest and believed in our worth we wouldn’t feel guilty and compromise on our wishes.

I know I can talk down to myself but it’s getting clearer to me at how strong I am and how worth while I am. I am also feeling like I have control over who I engage with in my path and who I kick to the curb. You have so much power and worth, you just have to get to the point in believing it! Once you believe it you won’t feel guilty or willing to move from what you ask the universe for. 

I have gained more control over being healthy- exercising more as an outlet to get rid of stress. Stress can manifest and become so insidious but getting rid of it through exercise brings about a real sense of calm.

Today I’m wearing a princess highway dress and blazer with some Modcloth shoes. I am still churning my way through a dress a day for a year for work. And believe it or not I have many more dresses to go-people its June! I had a bit of a dress addiction I think! 



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