The great escape

Following on from over sharing this generation, including my own believe there is a cure for every symptom of the human condition. Our doctors or “Google” will tell us that if you wake up feeling A,B or C then we have blah blah and should be taking this.

We have become a generation who are too scared to feel a certain way or should an emotion, much preferring to take something to feel less. I am here to break that trend (and I know there are more people out there just like me). But to grow you need to feel things like pain, hurt and longing. These emotions can cause anxiety, frustration, anger and may even get you down as far as you feel you can go. I have felt the pain of a break up, the loss of my first love (my father) and been through some marriage struggles and have survived without any help from medication to dull that pain. A human needs to sit with all the emotions and pain as from that you grow and learn new skills of life. We can’t always have the great escape from the pain and pills will not help you grow. It’s ok to feel bad, sad and mad. It’s just when the boat sales and you are still stuck at the sea side that you may need to get professional help.

Through my latest pain I have had to take the reins on my budget, for friends who know me, know money just burns a hole in my pocket. But I am learning very quickly that’s not how I want to live as there are more important things to me then wearing the latest trend. I love to share special holidays with my hubby and experience a lovely meal, so I am learning that I need to sit down and plan. I can’t just go to the shop and hope I didn’t spend my last $20 on a dress or piece of jewellery. 

This outfit is a good reflection on why I would be a terrible stylist (to my bank at least!) I styled 2 different people and the skirt and the necklace are what I put friends in, I loved them so much I bought them! Not a way I can make money if it just makes me what I put my clients in. Anyway the skirt is from Jacqui-E bought on last years EOFY sales. The necklace is Katie’s and the jumper is princess highway. The shoes are Modcloth.  



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