Have you turned the volume down?

Yay we made it to Friday! The slide into the week end is such an amazing feeling for the mere few of you that have the ultimate 9-5 Monday to Friday job. For the rest of you, preparing to go to work, I’ve been there and walked that life and it has its benefits. Oh the days of being able to go to an empty gym, shopping centre, quite park…maybe shift work wasn’t as bad as I remembered. Oh to have that quite time again! Anyway that’s not what I intended to write about.

Today my thoughts have been smack bang thinking about my relationship and the communication I have with my hubby and the outside world (yes I do get outside of my own head from time to time). The focus is giving and recieving- really tuning into whether this is a focus we need to have. For some of us we always feel like we give, give, give and give a little more. But maybe we have actually turned down our volume (or focus) on the fact that we are receiving good stuff too. As much as I am a true believer in answering only to your self and making you happy, happiness comes from what you put out. The recieving doesn’t always come in as big gifts. It could b simply your partner remembering something you said you would love them to do. For the hubby I had always requested help around the house and this is how I am receiving for always giving. He too is on the giving page, maybe I looked so hard and focused on what I was doing I missed what he was trying to do to make me happy. It’s hard to live with someone, well for me it’s always been hard. But when you focus on the positives then you turn up the volume on what is really happening. If your stuck in what you think is an unbalanced relationship- stand back and as they say smell the roses.

I believe every storm has a rainbow and every cloud has a silver lining. If you look hard enough and believe you will see it too.

Today I have an ASOS dress on, Elk beads, princess highway cardigan and banging Modcloth shoes.  



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