What you think of yourself is all that matters

No one has the ability to be magazine ready all the time. Sometimes the you, you put together in the morning is not the you that presents for the entire day. We don’t have the ability to stay photo shop and flawless as we are alive and moving beings. So really why are we so consumed with wanting to look runway ready nearly 80% of the time.

We are women grow and shrink. Some of us are better at staying trim and terrific, some of us aren’t blessed with such genes. Yet we beat ourselves up, we worry about 1 comment from someone who in the grand scheme of life has no real concern about your world. Let’s face it you probably could pick them to pieces but would rather be kind and spend hours worrying about what they had to say about you. Think about this, if you only worried about how you felt about yourself and what you thought was pretty positive. Why not run with that thought and present that amazing person for no one but yourself.

Go to the gym for you; wear make up and clothes for you; eat that cake for you; do that course, for you and just be happy for every day you are here. Because once the music stops playing no one is worried about you and how you looked for that moment that you weren’t runway ready!

Today I’m in a princess highway dress and wearing a fun elk necklace. I love this dress and have once had a negetavive comment about it. But I love it and that’s all that matters today- me and my opinion! Love the you, you are. If you love you then you will put it out into the universe. 



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