Never letting go Of me

Well I tried to break my morning routine by putting together every outfit together for the week on Sunday. Let me tell you putting all outfits in tiny little piles with all accessories together seemed like a very good idea at the time, I even thought- great I will have an abundance of time in the morning. Organisation like this does not work for me. I like to be spontaneous and like to play around with what I wear on the morning (not in advance!) 

I am ok with trying to push myself and attempt to make things easier but pre-picking out my wardrobe is not my thing. Today when I woke up I had this dress on my mind. I love spots and this Modcloth dress is something that I will never get rid of. It fits and flatters in the right spots (literally). This dress in its print bends the rules having black and navy together. Rule and organisation is much of the same to me- made to be broken and bent.

Today my focus is sitting with the struggles I have been facing and being ok with the decisions I have made. I feel like my struggles have built a city of resilience and to me that’s bringing about a real internal shift. I am stronger than I ever gave myself or anyone credit for. Today I walk taller because I am surviving. 



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