Get fit or die trying

This week I have returned to the gym. It’s been a few weeks as I had some old age problems with my knee. It’s good and I look forward to getting a little fitter, well I will tell myself that.

I enjoy making up stories about the different people accessing the gym. I have grouped people by observation. So there are the people who truely love being fit and doing anything like a new class, hard class or challenge, they live and breath it! Then there are the people that live and breath the gym to be thin- they are dedicated and trash it out in order to keep their already polished physic. Then there are the the me’s who hate being there but have to to fight back the chub, I hate being there but can’t afford a new wardrobe so I will continue to go. There is also the older ladies and gents who see the gym as a social experiment, I love watching them fluff about.

Anyway it makes a good story in my head. So I will continue in my journey to hold back the chub and even slim down so I can’t fit into the pile of clothes I have deemed too small for my curves. 

Today I’m wearing an ASOS skirt, Barkins lace top and Princess highway blazer. I was hot from changing my outfit 1,000 times so had to pin back the fringe. The fringe is down and I have cooled down. My new shoes looked fab for the 2 hours I had them on coming into work. They pinch and are giving me blisters, so I am changing them to some faithful and comfortable ones under my desk.



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