The days of old

I read an article on the week end about how far plus sized fashion has come. It highlighted hour this generation of curvy teens or children will be fashionista’s in the making and not daggy like the days of old.

It made me giggle so I thought I would share a light hearted story of growing up with curves. Fashion never did like me. I for years wanted to be the ideal surfy girl. I invested many a pays (when I was working as a 14 year old girl) in surf shops hoping that the sizes would fit my lady lumps. I was an early developer (or over eater) who hovered between a ladies size 14 and 16 from the prime old age of about 11. Until I earnt my own money I was forced to shop in what I then thought were daggy ladies clothes. 

I recall when tencel jeans were all the rage. The retail store Chain Reaction was as close to cool as I was getting with my lady lumps. Mum and the lady behind the counter had decked me out in a matching brown tencel pair of jeans and matching jacket with a lime green flowing shirt. Because one should cover those curves in brown and flouro! With my before time curls with my cow licked fringe I was a fashion desaster waiting to be discovered. I however wore those jeans to shreds. Why a young girl would want to or should be forced to dress decades older than what she was is beyond me. But fashion was so far behind for a fuller figured lady. I thought I was ahead of my time of course, but boy was I wrong.

Lucky the youth of today can experience a more fashionable and more confident future with size 14&16 being the norm and the iron not being the only way to flatten out those curls. There is a fashion God! 

Just like fashion and time a lot has changed for me as a women in her 30’s. I am not ashamed of the skin I’m in, or the opinions that come out of my mouth. I have endured struggles but keep my big head on my shoulders firmly knowing I am good enough for this life. 

Today I walked through my fashion history in my own wardrobe. Inspired by Carey Bradshaw from Sex and the City. It is a bit like the episode for me when she discovers not everyone spends all their pay on clothes and shoes but saves- feels like the story of my life. Age has not made me a better saver, just savvier shopper and better survivor.  



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