Week end of recharging 

Gosh I have been blessed with some amazing friends and family. I feel so lucky to be able to bounce of my every thought and idea and get such a supportive audience of people to respond. 

Having grown up with all I ever needed emotionally I feel it has taught me to keep people who make me the best version of myself. Being a women in my 30’s I also have no tolerance for people who are fake or who expect more from me then I can give. 

I remember the peace I used to get from drawing as a child and playing with my dolls. I get this same peace when I surround myself with people who are on the same page. Like a lot of people out there high school was not the high light of my life, it was a huge struggle. I was different and curvy. I never fit the mould of what was typically, typical. But I was lucky enough to snuffle some great girls who to this day are 2 of my dearest friends, they just get me without judgement.

I write today as I sit in a beautiful cafe in the gorgeous place I chose to live. I feel lucky to be living the Australian dream-house, car and cat. I know there is more to life and I know it’s a struggle but I’m here and I made it. That gives me peace. Today I am taking back some of my childhood and using an adult colouring book to practise mindfulness. 

It’s winter so the clothes I am wearing are layered. I love dressing up but I love being comfy and casual. Now my husband and I aren’t trying to impress the crowd I can be confident and settled in just being me. And that’s the greatest feeling in the world.  



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