Taking a back seat

Isn’t it a nice feeling to sit back and watch a fool work? I am witnessing what a little bit of power in the wrong hands can do to what I thought was a well balanced situation. Year ago I would have loved to have got involved, even intercepted a great fool but now I am happy to watch it all fall over. I’m not a “I told you so” kind of person but I get a slight bit of confidence in listening to my instincts when it comes to people. Sometimes silence speaks volumes. 

How does a lady hold her tongue when she loves to talk? She practises mindfulness and questions each thought before she opens her mouth. Words need to be a bit better thought out when a know all fool is at work. I am also putting my energy into things I love (and am learning to love) like cooking, doing a silly dance, going to the gym, breathing in some cold fresh air and stretching. All tips that are assisting me write this chapter. I am a planner (aka worrier) and have my eye on my next move. For me if I work or am doing something that’s not sitting right in my world I move onto something that makes more sense.

I am wearing an old ASOS dress, Sadie blazer and elk accessories. I have always loved black beads. For me they remind me of the 1920’s where parties were full of dancing and a little bit glamourous and fancy. This modern spin makes me feel like there needs to be a bit of glamour in my day. No point in being totally stiff even while I watch the fool… 



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