Memory keeper

For me I can remember such detail in good memories. I can remember what I was wearing, music that was played and even a scent that was in the air. Give me a date and time and I am a lady with memory loss. My brain thinks in memories, photos and the rest and I will never forget. Sorry in advance for the birthdays or special occasion dates I forget, it’s just not how my brain is wired! I will however remember what you wear to your special birthday, engagement party, hens or wedding.

Let’s talk about my necklace. I bought this on an adventure to Bendigo with my Mum as we supported my hubby on a working week end away. We had a fabulous day looking in art galleries, shops and ate some lovely meals. We then topped off a fabulous day of adventure out for dinner in a gorgeous little wine bar. Mum even had her first martini (which was an epic fail). It was a great time for me, no pressure just quality time together. And that moment I knew my hubby would walk beside me for life as he loves my Mum as much as I do. We also have fun building our house of memories together. This necklace reminds me of that very time away together.

Talking memories and people I look to for fashion inspiration. This dress is an old Sportsgirl one (probably vintage in this day and age of disposable fashion) is te same as a fancy lady I used to work with. She had such quirky fashion and always looks confident in the skin she was in. I love so much about how she presented herself both professionally and personally. She had an infectious laugh and really lit up a room. That is what I aspire to. This dress makes me walk a little taller! 

This week end I am dedicating some time to sorting through my wardrobe. Anything that doesn’t fit or flatter me anymore is gone! It will make me feel lighter and make getting ready easier! 



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