The grass isn’t greener

Having spent a long week end with my Mum and a couple of good friends I am starting to think I wouldn’t want my life to play out any different. Sure I have recently been experiencing an undesirable situation in my personal marriage and health wise things haven’t been great, but I’m alive and truly believe that these situations are bringing about some internal changes that needed to happen. 

I also seen a movie that got me thinking (everyone loves a movie that gets you thinking about your own life). It got me thinking how we can spend so much time thinking- wouldn’t it be nice if we were younger, richer, thinner, in that relationship or even wishing we could have achieved more. Really true happiness comes from being happy and content with what is on your plate now. Savour the flavours, emotions and lessons that you are experiencing. Everyone has their own demons and it’s not until your emerged in someone else’s space that you realise the grass is never as green as you expected. 

Today I am wearing a princess highway dress I got from their huge garage sale last year. I have a Sadie blazer bought for a fraction of the cost and a scarf from Dangerfield. I am enjoying discovering old dresses and outfits I had forgotten about. This dress is so comfortable to wear and the perfect shade for the cooler weather.

Today I am feeling grateful for the following 3 things:

1. For the beautiful home I live in 

2. The green trees and grass land that I wake up to each and every day

3. My work friends. God they make me laugh and see the bright side of life. 



2 thoughts on “The grass isn’t greener

  1. The grass LOOKS greener on the other side, but we never really know if it actually IS or not because we’re so preoccupied with what we’re doing on our own side.

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