Focus on authenticity than like ability

You will never be able to please everyone in this life. This is a fact that’s truer than true. So why on earth do we knock ourselves out so much for people who never planned to hold you close to their hearts? True blue family, friends and those your near to would rather you to be yourself and admit defeat, ask for space (and respect it) and accept you. Those who are fickle enough to chop you off when you chose time to yourself than time out which would not be enjoyable for you. Advise I wish I had taken many months ago. 

It’s not until your in a real situation of struggle where those who you know were never really in your corner come flooding back to your life. Be authentic people at your weakest you can see some clarity about the who you want at your table. I know our friends and closest family are with us, even if they aren’t flooding around when the going gets tough. However I’m sure as the river flows they would be at our door in a minute should we need them. 

The struggle makes things much clearer. I probably thrive through a struggle as I see it as the ending of a chapter and a new one ready to be written! 

Today I’m sporting an ASOS midi dress I got on sale last month. I am heading out after work with 2 of my favourites- my Mum and sister. The two strongest women I know. They bred us tough and authentic, we are more honest than most around each other, something I appreciate from my toes to my nose. Happy Friday. The sun is rising to a new beginning for me and I feel ready for it and I’m not doing it for like ability, it’s for me.  



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