It’s all getting clearer

The thing about going through a struggle.Experiencing  something that feels like it has the strength to break you, but doesn’t is that it makes it clearer as to what you don’t want. If we always experienced the good life would we ever be truly happy? Having experienced grief, the power of greed, heart break, losses and felt the pressure of the world has really made my happiness simpler and if I can say it more of a deeper happiness and I am more content.

I feel like I relate more to people who are also going through a struggle. There is a common ground as I have walked a similar path and I can empathise with their journey. 

People who live suggesting they haven’t struggled are really lying to themselves. Life is a road of bumps, bends, unexpected weather conditions, dips and even uneven surfaces. But as a driver gets experience they begin to realise this is just how the road is going to be, you need to bottle the skills from the skids, crashes and learn to live with a little less caution. If you made it through the last trauma of your life and learnt something, then high chances you can do it all over again.

Today I have a dress on that’s all wrong for my body shape, it’s ASOS. However I’ve learnt to throw over a jumper and belt it and head to work. I have to be in at a reasonable hour. The hem line of this dress is really designed for an up and down shape. My curves are being emphasised, but not in a way I would chose to have them. Anyway I will put that in the memory bank in the “not to buy” category. I guess this is what I get shopping online! 



9 thoughts on “It’s all getting clearer

  1. If you feel like the dress does nothing for your figure, donate it. Here (here being brooklyn, ny, USA) we can donate our unwanted clothes to the salvation army (obviously) or Dress for Success (an organization that gives the clothes to battered women in a shelter so they have something to wear to a job interview to go on an interview, take that first step towards their financial independence). I even donated the dress I wore at my sister’s wedding to an organization that gives needy high school girls prom dresses so they can go to prom.

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