Not being defined by things

Today I am functioning off little sleep. Although many times throughout the restless night I attempted to meditate and focus on just breathing my wondering mind took off on its own journey. I was begging for my alarm to go off at what must have been 2am, 3am, 4am and then again at 5.30am. 

Over the week end I over came a couple of the fears that was holding me back. I no longer feel the need to feel fear of people’s judgements. Fear really does hold one back from being. Whether that be fear of a certain situation, not fitting in with the crowd their surrounded by or even the fear of aging. For some and I know I used to feel this and that was a fear of waking up alone or dying alone. These things are part of life’s journey and some of these things are best experienced by yourself. This week I will focus on who I am without the image I put forward into the world. 

Having noticed that as much as people who have little or just enough money and possessions wish for a wealth of money. Being rich doesn’t make people happy, it’s the company you keep and the people who you invite to share a meal with. I have been very blessed in this life to have family I refer to as my best friends and friends I consider family. We laugh together and are the richest people in the world just for knowing each other. 

Today I have a pink Monday theme going on unintentionally. I got this dress from Modcloth on a great summer sale, but this dress is knitted and perfect for the chilly Melbourne weather. 

Today let go of 1 of your fears. Just like me you may wonder why on earth you let a person or thing make you feel that fear. 



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