One step at a time 

After a huge day of talking, and talking and talking I am exhausted from it all. Ending yesterday doing a silly dance with my hubby really helped recharge the soul. We are a funny couple of kids, hopefully we never lose that silly spirit that makes us both happy and love each other. It’s easy to get down in the trenches and remain there for way too long. Bad things happen, even to good people. It’s how you take steps to get back on track is what’s important. Holding anger and resentment (which I am learning) causes physical health issues. I am trying each day to release tension and bad energy but obviously not enough as my liver and digestive system is in shock. 

Anyway I am trying a new method for a better health suggested by my Osteo. Warm water and lemon, hopefully this will heal my body. 

Now I’m not going to lie I wanted so much to stay home with my aching body but am up and on my way to work. I’m turning up and bring present.

Now some people believe you need to show up and stay until the cleaners arrive. In kindness to myself and my beliefs system I do believe showing up is just as meaningful as not being present at all. You also don’t need to give everything 110%, if all you have is 25% giving that is worth it. 

Today I’m wearing an ASOS midi skirt with a Fashion Union t-shirt, Katies necklace and princess highway denim jacket. I have no meetings so I’m going casual.  



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