We can all blossom 

“With the right nourishment, we can all blossom”, it doesn’t matter what soil (or background or hurdle) we all have the ability to be beautiful both inside and out. Not that the outside means a glamourous super model but you glow with the goodness you put in. This life is not about being perfect but progression to a better, more skilled you. 

I am practising not always having an opinion but staying neutral as like and dislike are not always needed and don’t help one blossom. Everyone needs a good mix of likes, dislikes and just staying neutral on some topics. The energy we put into “hate”, “mistrust”, “anger”, and any other negative feeling is doing you and your universe no greater good. On my way to and from work I practise breathing in fresh new air and letting out the days worries as they do not help me at home. I feel through this and walking in the fresh air sleep is better, dreams are getting less. My panic attacks, while still very present from time to time are a little less life stopping. 

I am also back to writing lists and budgets and plan to on the week end make a dream board. I, the worrier and planner have a few more adventures in me and I really need them to be visual. I am also heading back to some books. As much as I am grateful for the Internet and computers there really is nothing like a real life book. No other distractions!

Today I have one of the oldest dresses in my wardrobe on. This Sportsgirl dress must be 6 years old. It’s been around and had some good nights, days and adventures already. Let’s see where I take it today.  



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