Sun is coming up

What I enjoy mostly from a challenge is the sun that eventually comes up. Even if it’s a small glimmer of hope through the clouds it’s a sign of a new day and another day of survival. We woke up to a happier day. While we are only too aware that the battle is ahead the war is moving further behind us. 

I have learnt to take back a bit of control in my world and have become so much closer to my hubby. I don’t listen to the crowd as no one knows our journey and the how’s and whys. Together we are better. I am stronger than I appear and have faced a number of uphill battles. The difference between me and the judges of me is that I know what skills I have and haven’t got. To the people who think they know me, you don’t so buzz off! 

This week I have learnt sometimes in a marriage you walk along seperate paths, not because you want to but outside pressures can’t unite you. But when it comes to sickness and health if you can’t walk United then you may as well walk alone. We chose to unite and walk together.

Today I am wearing a Katies dress and necklace, witner boots, and New look denim jacket. I still have my game face on with my pink lips. 



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