We all dance with the devil

This week I am learning to swim again. Thrown in the deep end with little skills to swim to the top I feel I am doing the best I can. This time my husband is dancing with a dark and scary devil which effects everyone he loves the most. As I said to my sister a strong women would leave but a stronger women would stay and fight. My husband is a very good man, he is loving and caring and I truly believe he would do anything for me. He like everyone has baggage. Sometimes you need someone to help carry the load. I have offered a hand this time. 

While dealing with someone else’s devil I am feeling drained and can barely move to get up. But I love looking nice so I am up and about in the fresh air. Being the planner and worrier I have been busy organising my husbands days.  We are facing each day as it comes and together I feel we are getting stronger together. It’s not easy but it’s getting there. 

When you marry your soul mate you promise to walk a journey together. There was never promises of an easy life with rainbows and blue skies. There will be storms, dark places, decisions to make, promises to make and sometimes break. Everyday we are learning and paying for the mistakes of yesterday but we have each other and today I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What I am wearing isn’t even important. It is all old and it’s warm and comfortable. We have sportsgirl, witners, ASOS and a splash of red lippie. For me if my lipstick is on I can carry on.




One thought on “We all dance with the devil

  1. Having danced with some Devils (alcoholism, depression, PTSD) myself, I can say that yeah, it effects not just you but everyone who has to deal with you. Good for you for staying & fighting.

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