The beginning of our new chapter

The week end bought about the closing of not such an easy chapter of my and my hubby’s journey together. While we don’t feel like jumping about (as we are pretty tired), I am thinking a wee celebration should occur. The beast we have been wrestling has been showing its teeth for some time but showed us how horrible its teeth were. And as we are both not huge fighters and amongst my family and our friends pretty awesome people we decided to walk away. Can I tell you if a situation you are stuck in keeps rolling around and around in circles, then maybe it’s time to jump off the ride and start your own (not so dizzy) path. All you need is a handful of amazing supportive family and friends. We are never alone. There is at least one other person sitting on the couch, watching some silly tv with take away on its way. And that’s ok. 

I either didn’t sleep or my body has started a slow wake up! My off switch was not working over night. And as my job is capturing data I am not going to make any life decisions for anyone, I may just fall asleep! For now I’m in my happy space on a train with great music getting me to work. I am dressed in an old ASOS midi dress, princess highway cardigan and I think this necklace is Decuba. My lipstick is Mac and its Sushi Kiss.

Happy Monday and to those on a new journey on a path to God knows where- welcome!




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