Being grateful

In my journey to inner peace and eternal happiness today my new task is to be grateful each and every day for something-big and small. 

Today has just begun but I can already think of 2 silly little things. I am grateful for my husbands morning cuddles, it’s cold and I really didn’t want to go to work but I am as it’s the right thing to do. I’m grateful for the cooler mornings, makes my walk to the station airy and therapeutic rather than a mad dash to wipe away my sweat beads! 

My other materialistic but I am truly grateful for finding this amazing New Look skirt in Bali when we were there for my honeymoon. This skirt is full of such great memories of special time for me and my husband. I am also happy to be earning enough money so that we can plan another over seas trip for the end of the year!

I think to be kind to my aching body I will finish my day with a nice warm bath. It’s been so long since i made time just to soak in one and enjoy the stillness.

My shirt today is ASOS and I have actually worn this to work before as I have heaps of skirts with very few tops. If every shirt I found was as darling as this one I may be able to invest in more but this is very unique to me.  



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