Tempering my tone

My outfit is depicting my focus from today onwards. I am always a work in progress and as the universe is so big and infinite so is the possibility of this state of mind we call happiness. 

I remember the reason why I bought this dress and how long ago I bought it. Some things I never forget about certain pieces of clothing I have. I bought this dress from Glassons over 2 years ago to wear to the footy and dinner with my Dad, who God bless his soul is no longer with us. I wore it with a big warm winter coat and boots and much like my focus this week it was a great memory and I was so happy in that moment. A time with my father that didn’t end in a screaming match or tears, which for me happened mor often than not. 

In moving forward I do believe I have a bad habit of yelling to get a point across, a terrible habit I picked up as a young girl. Yelling to me shows a bit of passion but can be negative for my future happiness and wellbeing. When I’m upset I am going to try and be w but more “Tempered” as the title of this blog suggests. I am going to write it down until I can talk without getting all caught up in the emotions of things. This is a new technique I am focusing and learning. I feel like I can be a bit more calm and meditative to be that fun happy person people are are so used to seeing of me.

I can’t blame all my faults on my upbringing as I do believe parents do the best they can with the skills they learn and know from what they seen. Unfortunately positive role models were not always present for my Dad. But with his strong passion and good at heart values I am going to focus on making the most of the positives. 

Happy days are here. I think it’s time for some yoga and refocusing!  



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