Success does not bring happiness

Success is mastered when you are your happiest. Following that dream can only truly happen when you feel you are worth it. I listen to many of my friends saying (and truly believing) they will be happier when they are slim. This statement makes me so sad, why can’t they just be happy with who they are. Who ever told people that being slim brought the happy parcel in the mail. I have the odd friend who also believed that happiness was meeting the man of their dreams, it does bring satisfaction, but it is also hard work and not all skipping and rainbows.

Sure being fit and eating healthy are good things, they even give you the energy and mind set to chase those dreams. It all comes back to believing that you are worth it. This is why I get up every morning and dress up. I decided I am worth it! 

Sure I’m not living the Australian dream (whatever that is) but I am walking with confidence and I am happy with who I am evolving into and excited about the path today and ahead of me.

Today I’m wearing an oldie but goodie ASOS smock style dress with my princess highway blazer. I have been revisiting all my sleeved dresses as I am a hot body. I always need appropriate layers to strip down to when my sweat beads appear. 

The sky is blue and I feel I’m where I need to be. Not sure what dream I’m chasing- it could be to be a professional writer…but I have no plans to chase this dream yet. When the time is right I will take the leap! 



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