Clarifying my journey

Today I was a bit of a grump. Why? I believe I have been carrying around baggage I no longer need or should be sitting with. I am not practising my mindfulness and my grumpiness is no ones fault but my own. I know I don’t know everything as this universe is just so big to know all about it. But I need to learn to sit with a pain and let it go. Today it was Monday and I was angry that my week end had just past by far too fast. I feel like I enjoyed it so much and spent time with some of my closest friends and family. Friends and family who make me feel good and make me laugh so much. People that make you want to be nowhere, with no one else but them. Not that I don’t laugh and love my colleagues but it’s just different. Work to me has always felt like a temporary prison. It’s a place I have to go to keep the house I call a home, the clothes I love and the times I spend out wining and dining with everyone I love in my spare time. Today I was grumpy it was over.

Today I am learning to take a breath and absorb love, happiness and peace: rather than being a negative nelly. I am also deciding to not continue to analyse past criticism as they have been and gone and I have finished with them. No skills can be learnt from bringing up past pain. I am also going to do some evening stretches through practising yoga, sometimes the negativity can settle in the body (my back is hurting which is usually where I carry stress). 

I wore an ASOS dress given to me by my very good friend. Because one woman’s trash is another’s ones treasure and this is gold! Did red bring me strength and confidence- it has now I’m home relaxing with my hubby and cat.

Monday I’m kicking your bad vibe to the wind! 



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