Putting feelings into words

Hands up if your a worrier? Yep thought my blog attracted many people much like myself. Did you know that worrying uses the same part of your brain as planning. Which for some of my nearest and dearest friends I know rings so true. I will worry myself grey and that’s because I haven’t yet found a great skill or practise to just be good enough. I am learning this in my experiences and am trying my best to be in the moment but it’s not always so easy. As I think the planning brain is spending too much time in the future wondering what steps I need to take to make me better or a situation better. I am going to take a step and be more mindful and live in this moment. Apparently taking some deep breathes refreshes the mind and tells the brain it’s all ok. In my worrying state I find myself over analysing every thing I did to get me to this point, but really it’s no good and doesn’t make me any better or different, sure it reminds me of what not to do or how to take steps here and now to be better the next time I’m faced with the same situation. Not worth the worry! 

To all my worriers you are not alone! Maybe rather than worrying use that very part of the brain to organise a catch up with a friend (or with me). I am always open to meeting new people as my circle of friends is never big enough. New friends refresh the brain like a good few breathes of fresh air. Old friends do this too for me. They also take my worrying brain and put it in planning mode,because if I like you I will be making effort to be with you again!

Today I am thrilled to be finishing my working day with a few of my special friends. I am pretty much dressed head to toe in my Elk bargains. You can’t see it in this blog but I’m sporting a coatigan. What is this I hear you say? It’s the perfect mix between a coat and cardigan and perfect for this sunny and chilly day. 

I will leave you with my latest thought as I listen to my James who sing to me (aka James Morrison, James Bay, James Blunt and James Lawson). I think James were born to sing! If your a James I would pay to hear you sing x 



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