Love peaks and dips!

Having read the most truthful article on a healthy living relationship I feel like doing a happy dance. I know it’s always a golden rule never to compare your own relationship to anyone else or you will end up 1. Questioning yours or 2. Green with envy. Everyone is on their own journey, both individually and together with the one they love. Just because you can’t see the steam dripping down the walls or feel that love that tingles in your stomach and makes your cheeks burn doesn’t mean you are not in a loving relationship. To love someone long term or at all is actually a skill you learn and it will come and go. For me love is a big cuddle when I get home and ugg boots on the couch holding hands. Simple and not so steamy but it’s mine and I am happy.

Today I am experimenting a look I got inspiration from Pinterest for. This “top” is actually a Princess highway dress. I have teamed it with a New Look skirt and you and the rest of the world are none the wiser! Still on my outfit a day challenge. It was supposed to be a dress a day but I like to mix it up and in reality I have a dress on! Go on challenge yourself to do this. I am snug as a bug also on this chilly commute to work!

Happy hump day. Enjoy the burn to the top of the week. You know the down hill race to the week end is near. 



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