Taking the late train

Waking up achy and sore is not how I wish to bound out of bed. So it’s time to see someone about this! I feel going to see health care professionals,rather than diagnosing myself is a coming of age thing. At one time I became so good at doctor Google that I had a couple of friends calling me Dr Chanel. I had a stash of antibiotics I had never finished that I would pop when I thought all I needed was a little antibiotics. I have also been the queen of putting my head in the sand about things I probably should get checked out. I know I’m not going to live forever and while I feel fighting fit I will just carry on. This is something I am working on- I swear!

Today I have dropped my toes in the red paint pot, maybe I have gone a little OTT but it wouldn’t be me with too much of a good thing. I got inspiration for this outfit from the Modcloth style gallery. I am wanting to make my newish Elk necklace be the centre of attention, but not sure I hit the brief. I got this Modcloth dress maybe a size bigger than I needed, it needs a belt or it swims on me! One does not need a garment making me look larger or curvier, I am happy with the amount I have- thank you!

Enjoy your hump day. We are at the top of the weeks hill and about to hit the down hill run to the week end. I can almost taste the cocktails! 🍸 



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