Writers block!

To my regular readers who wait every morning for a post I apologise for the silence. I’ve been travelling about with the worst case of writers block. I didnt think I had anything interesting to take your time up with. The truth is I worked away and needed time in the country air to recharge my batteries. Do I feel recharged? Maybe a little! 

Today as I wear one of my favourite ASOS midi dresses I am reflecting on the dear friends who have touched my heart but are not just living around the corner for a catch up. I have noticed a few people around me are also reflecting on friendships they have, that may have run their course for the time being. I do think there are friendships that need months, or even years off. I have a number of friends I may only see once or twice a year or may not see for years at a time but I know in my heart they are diamonds and such rare beauties. Maybe if we spent too much time in each other’s space we wouldn’t think of each other so fondly. Anyway my point is, people need space to grow and because we are only in charge of ourselves who is to know if your going to love every side of a friendship coin. But I may stand alone with not loving every single thing about myself, why then should we judge pieces of a person we don’t love? 

The cold is sweeping through Melbourne making mornings hard to get up and evenings harder to get motivated to move. Probably a good time to start a new routine… 



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