Burning bright again 

Things are feeling like they are where they should and need to be. Like a perfect recipe I’ve had the right bit of spice, even some chilli, a hint of sour and decent amount of sweet. I think cooking is like a good life, if you don’t balance the flavours and spices you may end up with too much of one flavour and not enough of something else. The balance game is the challenges and skills we learn to make things right. Taking responsibility for yourself and admitting when your wrong will give you the best satisfaction later. When you do get a chance to sit that burning sense of knowing why you were given a challenge is very powerful. To the haters you haven’t won, you have made my relationships stronger and clearer.

I still have my yellow on with my Katie’s statement necklace. This dress is part of my dress a day, it’s old and been used in previous blogs over the years. It’s a Helsinki dress bought many moons ago on a great sale on oz sale. 

Having browsed at a couple of designer things for an upcoming family function I’ve come to the realisation I don’t need to wear them to be stylish and fabulous. I just need to be me!




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