Splash of yellow for life

So I’m back from a week of recuperating from too much fun over the Easter celebrations (half of this is true) and recovering from a bad cold. It was supposed to be a week of adventures- manicures, pedicures and getting my hair done. It was however a week on the couch drinking pots of tea and catching up on the latest box set series I had been missing, too busy living I guess!

This week I am splashing my week with yellow. Here in Melbourne a young lady was murdered a week out from her wedding and in tribute yellow is being worn to remember her. Yellow is the new beginning colour for easter and spring (it is autumn here however so my yellows may not be as bright as spring). 

I have unfortunately passed on my cold to my hubby who has the worst case of man flu. He woke me up a number of times during the night to remind me of how sick he is. Unfortunately I have inherited bad sleeping patterns from my Mum and Nan. I have been awake since 4am and am ready for a nap,but I have to go back to work. One needs to fund her wardrobe and this is how I do it! Lucky for me get the benefit of making someone’s life a little better.  

Today I am sporting a new Sadie blazer bought from their clearance warehouse for a fraction of the price, princess highway dress and a gorgeous dragon fly pendant bought from an Easter market I went to in the Yarra Valley. 



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