Talk about statement!

Today my outfit was as loud and proud as my personality can be (at times, with the right people). You know that personality that only comes out with people who you bounce off, who make you laugh until you cry and let you speak your mind without affending anyone.

I’m sure I’m not the only one (with reasonably good mental health) that knows there are more personalities to a person then the one you are presented with. Take for instance my husband and family (Mum and sister) they get the best and worst of me and love me no matter how horrible I can be. Then there is the professional me (who is quite comfortable with my work audience) I can be assertive, sensative and a bit of a clown. My friends get much of my funny, assertive work self. Then there is the me who is not quite sure about my crowd and can feel judgement. I am more shy, less likely to make a joke and feel like I stumble over my words. I am learning in this chapter that it’s ok to sit in the room with a judging panel and be happy being me, because I’m unique and deep down a really good person! 

Today my loud ASOS “fashion Union” skirt has been teamed up with my New Look too bought in Singapore in the Christmas sales is bold and happy like my personality! The shoes are from Modcloth and are so comfy for high wedges. 

 As a very special friend tells me I’m a shiny happy person. Today I believe what people I care about tell me as my journey has not been easy or bump free but I’m here, happy and doing my part in making the world a better place. That’s all one can want in this road to happiness xx 



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