Celebration of colours!

Today I am excited about going to work because at the end of the day I’m going on a mini break! Hubby and I are going away with 2 of my friends- one I met when I was a little kid and the other a close high school friend. And whom have been together for 10 years and had their own family. It is so nice after all these years to be having a mini break with my kid friend as we met on family holidays when we were his kids age. Time may have made us older but our friendship is just the same. Like an old pair of shoes all comfy and unlikely to ever hurt you.

I also have a week off work. In this time I am going to be visiting as many friends and family as possible. Which will recharge me and bring about the most positive me possible.

I am celebrating in all my colours. Excited for easter but pretty happy to be in this ASOS dress. Now I have always been an Australian size 16. I remember even as a teenager it’s always been my size. At times I have lost weight and maybe got into a size 12 but I could never really stay there without missing meals and exercising compulsively. It’s great that the fashion market have some great pieces for this well rounded lady. This dress is no exception. But what I clap with excitement about is that I can buy mainstream clothes and can dabble with plus size. I guess it’s like girls on the other end of the scale who can fit into kiddies clothes! See there is pluses all around!

Everyone who is lucky enough to have a super long week end-enjoy! I hope that you eat enough chocolate and see as many loved ones as possible. It is easter which to me means new beginnings, start a new way of thinking, a new hobby, make up with an old friend or simply smile at a stranger. Who knows what new beginning you start in someone from one simple smile. Xxx 



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