Bit of bright white

Lets just talk about my white Modcloth dress. Originally bought in the lead up to my wedding day. I had imagined all these fabulous lunches, brunches and dinners with family and friends in the excitement of hubby and I tying the knot. I had a white dress ready for about 10 occasions and wore 3 of the purchases. This was not out of lack of wishing and hoping, the lead up was not all bubbles and champagne so the dresses stayed in the wardrobe. That’s ok I am going to wear them to other celebrations I am sure of it. Just not to someone else’s wedding. 

Now I have to make the white dress work appropriate and I feel I have nailed it today. I don’t look like I’m off to get married (well I hope not). 

My poor hubby is learning some of life’s not so nice lessons at the moment. I feel bad for him but I lived through similar heart aches earlier in my youth. I do feel that the Middle class have to learn things much before the wealthy. Not that I think you can buy friends and family but it may contribute to how long you keep the two happy. For me friends come and go. They teach us new skills, take us on journeys down roads of discovery. But only few will stand by your side along the road. For me having 1 or 2 special people to walk along this road is all I will ever need. I know part of growing is letting go of friendships that don’t make you feel good. He is holding I wondering why people don’t care for him anymore or why he isn’t asked to things. To me I sit here thinking that chapter has just closed and he needs to look at the wonderful friends we have made along this journey of being together. Because I would rather be sitting in a room with 5 close friends who I live for than a crowded room full of fake smiles and pretend smiles. Unfortunately for him to get to this point he has to grieve the loss of people he thought were one of those 5 friends sitting around.

I look so forward to meeting the next chapter of friends with him. I look forward to the laughter, quite nights in, the conversations and the learning we will do together. We are the lucky ones who have found each other. No need to be sad, happy days are on the horizon. 



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