A little piece of inspiration





 My Friday did fly by. Again I am very lucky to be surrounded by fantastic people who have great ideas and are working for the greater good. 

When I was doing my style course there was a topic about where you draw your own style inspiration from. Now in my haste to fit in with the crowd of very cool people I pulled a famous person out of a hat (little did they know it was all lies). I don’t even draw inspiration from fashion magazines these days. I draw inspiration from people I see in the streets, on the train, on Instagram, mod cloth style gallery and my biggest inspiration is a couple of very trendy work friends and colleagues. I also have a Mum is very individual in her style and has always dressed amazing. As I work in a social welfare sector there is a good mix of people who dress up in corporate, retro, vintage, on trend, all black, pops of colour and so on. Had I not met some inspiring people who wear amazing clothes, fantastic red lip stick and make the world a better place I would not be here writing this blog. I would not have this style and I certainly wouldn’t have the confidence to wear this much colour to the office. It is also young and old people who are rocking the best kinds of style I know. High five to my work friends!

Today I styled my Hell Bunny summer dress with a Princess Highway jumper (good old Melbourne weather is starting to agree with my over heated body). I love the blue and patterns of this dress. My Modcloth shoes and yellow beads are bringing out the purple and yellow of the disguised dress. 

I’m off home to eat naughty with the hubby. May even have a cheeky wine! Enjoy your week end xxx


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