Blue skies ahead!

How refreshing is it to wake up to clear blue skies. It’s very much assisting with my challenge. When I see other people on my travels into work sporting some blue attire I feel like high fiving them. It’s hard to be so bright and colourful when almost everyone heading into the city for work is in a sea of black and grey. I’m all for toning down, but I prefer not to. I feel happier dressing in colours, it certainly makes being a sad sack harder when your in colourful and fun (or silly) colours.
Thinking of happy blue memories reminds me of the suit my hubby wore to our engagement, now had he wished to have worn it to our wedding I would have happily changed my theme to fit this gorgeous suit. He looked fabulous and we had the night of our lives. I loved our engagement party so much I should have had a surprise wedding then and there. Would have stopped a lot of stress.
Now talking lovely gestures, my hubby surprises me with gifts (a lot). Now I am always flattered but I don’t find them necessarily the way to my heart. People grow up differently and who am I to judge. But I am trying to teach him that beautiful gifts do not equal love. Time together and small acts of kindness flatter me just as much. I was not bought up in a material world, my favourite family times were together- eating home cooked meals, going for walks and time on the beach. I even loved spending time fishing with my Dad, and that was not my favourite past time. My hubby was bought up differently, and he loves expensive things and slowly but surely my “time together” is something he too is enjoying. We are making plans to visit wineries, eat cheese and wander through arts and craft markets. As its not where we are or even what we are doing. As long as we are together.
Now my outfit is baby blue and its such a sweet colour, I got it from Modcloth last year. I love the birdies! Today I’m away with the birds and in love with the cool weather!





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