Minty green & the long week end ahead!

I am so thrilled to announce I am taking a long week end!! Yay for extra time off work and time doing what I love, with whom I love!
And in true green style (well the dress description did say mint) I am finishing my work off with the green bang it started with. This ASOS dress is a drop hem and is very Gorman but for a 10th of the price. I love my ASOS designer look alikes. And what a better way to make a style for me then to accessorise the hell out of it! Modcloth sent this scarf to me as a gift for spending thousands with them and I have my old as the hills wedges on from sportsgirl. I have big meetings to finish off my week and I’m loud and colourful!
How does one spend a week end off- catch ups with two of my dearest friends, brunch, weddings and a in law catch up. Lets hope my anxiety to impress and continuously prove myself has faded away. I am as good as it gets people, but I constantly am trying for bigger and better things. I’m a mover and a shaker haha!





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