Riding the green bean for the week!

I am having a love affair with green this week, I can admit to this! My wardrobe choices have been steered towards the green man. I’m just trying to flex my Irish bone, even though it was never truly confirmed my father always thought we had Irish blood in our history- whether this is fact will never be known but that’s ok I like a pinch of mystery in my life. Lets be honest no one really likes a know it all.
I am very matchy matchy in my Modcloth dress and shoes. I also stumbled across a jewellery box I had forgotten about which had these amazing earrings I bought in Lang Kawi on me and my hubby’s first over seas adventure.
The other day I was trying to put the feeling of being married into a life experience I have witnessed, because although I love my husband I wasn’t blown away to the moon and back about the whole “wedding arranging” process. When we walked back down the aisle and sat in our limo I had that feeling you get when you travel and you see something amazing you have been dreaming of seeing. It’s a little kick telling you- this adventure was worth it and I’m so lucky and happy to be on it. So in a sense if I need to feel the married rush feeling of satisfaction it will be on an adventure to another country seeing and tasting things I have only dreamed about. The journey to other countries has been all the more enjoyable sharing it with someone like my husband as he really sees new things in the world through the wonder of a child. I love seeing his eyes light up when he learns or listens to a story of the locals or another traveller.
Oh I think I need to plan another holiday! Where to go to is the burning question. We love South East Asia and there is so much more to discover there.
Happy day dreaming people πŸ’‹πŸ’‹






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