Short but sweet!

What a fantastic week end! I truly believe what you put out to the universe , will in fact come back to you. Last week was a shocking week for me emotionally and I was feeling physically sick myself. My body and soul needed a good dose of friendship, adventures and to know how blessed I am in this life with the love I get from people I chose to be in my life. I also took an opportunity to go for long drives, engage in activities I always loved- market shopping, long drives along the coast, strolls in beautiful places and hanging out in not so perfect bars with people who make me laugh. I am lucky and thank my stars for all the amazing moments I had over the week end.
I’m so refreshed that I’m on my regular train and feeling great about being work bound.
On my week end I learnt how to make a not so desirable situation work for me by surrounding myself in happy light. I also believe we are in charge of our own happiness. It is not about being the perfect person or even about achieving something. It’s a feeling we chose to feel. I chose to smile in the face of people who don’t agree with how I live my life. I’m happy to be different as I am what my friend referred to as a shiny happy person. Maybe people could be jealous, that again is a feeling we chose and I chose not to walk down that road.
Today I’m wearing an old tiny dress from ASOS. I got this over 2 years ago when I started my office job. It goes well in a lot of combos but today I have my princess highway blazer and Modcloth shoes. I got the earrings from a makers market at an old convent in Melbourne. The lady who sold them hand crafted them. She was so lovely and friendly. She was sharing her happy light with the world-another week end blessing.
It appears I’m still in a growth period with my green colours but that’s ok. I’m growing new skills of survival.





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