Taking the good with the bad

So its been a few days in between blog posts. To be honest this past week has hit me with a number of unexpected blows. It sometimes takes a few knocks to build character and learn new skills of survival. Emotions have been high and my health isn’t the best. But you would never know when I put on my game face and embrace my everyday life. I know no matter how bad I feel there is always someone worse off. I have an option to swim to safety and embrace the ones I love and whom love me back and carry on. No one really likes negativity but when you can tell a story like I do, or be around people who always see the bright side of the street, I know I’m better than the worse word someone can say.
People should never judge someone else’s journey or choices. They are someone else’s to own and not anyone else’s to claim.
Anyway my colours are dull today as something a period of mourning is important to move forward in the road.
Today I wore a princess highway bargain basement dress. I teamed it with a splash of leopard as this Leo may be down but she is not out!





One thought on “Taking the good with the bad

  1. Rosie that’s a good expression of the happenings and a positive outlook. Lets hope the right people read them,

    luv mum xxx

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