Just catting about.

Lets be honest unless you in the entertainment industry there isn’t enough fun and games at work! I refuse to be boring and this Voodoo Vixen dress is a good example of this.
Having lost my challenge to myself about no more clothes for 6 months I came up with a better solution- 1 dress per pay. And while I’m on the slow detox to that (I bought 3 on sale from ASOS) I have a good feeling I will keep this challenge to myself.
Now those who have known me for a while would know that it is sometimes a surprise that I can even put an outfit together. I am a lot like my Little Nannie, may she rest in peace. We both had cluttered wardrobes and even a random over cluttered spare room. Somehow looking at us both, we look organised by how we present. We even take on a similar meaning of “clean and tidy”. If things around us are neatly put into a pile or place, heaven will forgive us for a tiny bit of dust. Reading again has me thinking about different things. This particular book I’m reading is narrated by an imaginary friend of an autistic boy. How people keep their houses and environments is really up to the standard of clean they have in their head. Much like fashion and styling we put our own spin and interruption on what is clean and acceptable. We shouldn’t judge people on how they chose to live, unless of course it is dangerous to others or children. End of rant, but to my future visitors I keep my house tidy and reasonably clean- my wardrobe on the other hand is a cluttered order I understand (mostly). Don’t judge my house but my company.
Enjoy the middle of the week count down!





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