My tired style eye!

Alleluia Friday has arrived and apart from being tired as heck and full of head achy goodness I am safe and sound. Well sound is always questionable but apart from my own consciousness I am not hearing (or talking to voices).
I’m wearing my Modcloth dress with tiny dancers on it. Hopefully if the mood sways me the dress will dance. I highly doubt it.
So my fit self (the one I left behind with my single days) has been working hard back at the gym. Now as I said in a previous blog I love to work out alone. I don’t think I mentioned how much I love people watching. Now can I say any work out insecurities you have, thy are solely just yours. I cannot see why your feeling so uncomfortable but I can see it in your eyes. Just be yourself, except- don’t show me your entire boobs and nips! My eyes do not need to see any cleavage (male and female might I add) at the gym. Simply put it away! And don’t tell me you couldn’t find something that covers them because I stand there covered and comfortable for the working out! Surely you can feel the fan blowing a breeze on your girls- put them away! Rant over.
Enjoy your Friday. That’s me for a week. Now its book time xx




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