These are a few of my favourite things!

The title of my blog today has me singing a happy tune in my head as I wait for my train. After enduring 2 car rides to work that had me stressed and feeling blah by 9am I decided to get back on the train. I like to test the waters sometimes and see if my theory of trains verses driving is real. And I come to the conclusion- public transport wins for me. Even if I have to wait 18 minutes for a train its time to breath some fresh air, reflect and get my head sorted out for work time or home time on my way home. Now I am reading again I have a great sense of calm. In regards to a regular work start time, I chose this job for that reason. Unless I have to go country I start when I get there! Like my mother and father instilled in me, I work hard when I’m there. I relax when I get home.
So what are some of my favourite things- well this outfit has a number of my favourite things. One- birds, I have always since a kid loved birds. I remember owning the best bird book in history and I would study it until the cows come home!
Another is red! It speaks for itself all over my blog. It’s an empowering colour and gives me confidence when I feel a little unsure.
I popped a favourite princess highway scarf on that has a bit of a sea feel. I love the ocean and spent lots of my childhood on a beach. Something that is missing in my adult life at the moment. That’s ok it’s good to have goals and miss something. It makes it all the more rewarding when it arrives.
Happy hump day people, if like me you felt like staying in bed- get up!





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