A bit restless

I’m having one of those moments where I wish my mind had created a different outfit to wear to work after a rather big week end of eating bad this dress is stretched to its limits.
I have a real issue with button up dresses anyway. I am not a huge fan as although I am not a chesty lady the buttons always seem to pucker. And feeling the pinch from wedding, christmas and finally settling back down into a routine I am probably not going to have a skinny day for some time. Hence I should have worn a moo moo today.
Anyway I am back on a health kick. Having joined the gym with the hubby I discovered after really listening to myself alone at the gym that I love working out by myself. It is so nice to not have anyone talking at me. I enjoy the time to think over my day, plan things and really just have that me time. I’ve also taken back another simple joy and that’s reading, again another solo sport. Something is telling me I am feeling over loaded by people and their expectations and chatter.
I was lucky enough (or not) to be greeted over this hot sticky week end with a cold shoulder. As I sat in a space with a heap of people talking around me but not to me I thought, I’m ok with this. I don’t even feel like talking anyway. What is sometimes a bad feeling had me quite content. As I know I can talk and can work a room but if the room doesn’t want me I can sit quietly and plan away!
Today I’m wearing modcloth shoes, dress and I have a princesshighway scarf to hide my buttons which may pop off at any given deep breath. That little voice in my head is saying- just shed a couple of kilos so you don’t lose a button in someone’s eye.






2 thoughts on “A bit restless

  1. Hey, we all have those moments, where we see ourself in the picture and THEN we say “I should’ve worn something more forgiving”. I generally hate button-down shirts and button-up dresses also. I don’t have gargantuan breasts, but I have…well, I have fat, and fat makes buttons strain, hold on for dear life, and finally pop off (leaving me with exposed fat because there’s a nothing where a button used to be), or worse yet, buttons gape over fatness. I OWN button-down shirts & button-up dresses, all of which were given to me by my mother, but I don’t actually wear them. I reach in the closet & go “ooooooh, sweater dress with no waist” or “elastic waist pants”

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