Keeping to my dress a day!

I am marching on through my dress a day challenge. I am really struggling with not being able to wear my favourites more than one way to work.
My work this week hasn’t been in the one office which doesn’t help my organisational issues I am having. I just can’t seem to get the time to blog, commute and feel more on track with my thoughts and ideas.
I do however feel quite settled in where I work for the moment. Having sat in “planning” yesterday with an amazing and inspiring leader it has made my decision to put my brakes on in hunt of the perfect job. I am also being exposed to some pretty great opportunities and I figure while they keep coming I should stay. I am very much part of my own generation of not settling for a second best job. We spend so much time at work we can’t be miserable.
One fashion foe I have been noticing of late is visible panty lines. Come on people get with the times. It is not nice to any by standers and it certainly doesn’t scream sexy. It screams something else- bad taste! Maybe its my dear old 30 self talking but wear appropriate underwear for your outfit. If you can see it in the mirror then so can I! It’s not like that line disappears as you walk out the door. Now for all you single ladies control briefs are your friend. If on a date- do carry a sexy pair to slip into once your not in the public eye. End of undie rant!
Today I have Thursday and Fridays outfits to show. The green is Voodoo Vixen and the navy spots is Princess Highway. Both I believe I got for a bargain price so still doing a lot of savvy shopping.






2 thoughts on “Keeping to my dress a day!

  1. Oh I completely agree with you about visible panty lines. They’re visible to EVERYBODY WITH FUNCTIONING EYES, it’s not that people have to stare to see your party line when your big granny panties are showing through that see through dress, now is it? Same thing when your thong peeks out from low-lying jeans (we don’t have to stare when you’re flashing the whole room).

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