Lost my rhythm

I’m the first to admit I have lost a bit of rhythm and motion. My mornings were working like clock work but last week I was all over the place and unfortunately rather than jump back into motion and routine this week I’m letting “nature” and my own clock take me to my destination. I’m by nature not very punctual. I would never put in my strengths for a job interview “always punctual” as I am not a very good liar either.
I am continuing on with one thing and that’s my dress a day challenge. Despite not even blogging as regular as I can I am still wearing a different dress a day to work. It’s a bit of a sad challenge for my creative brain as I think of better ways to dress a dress but I can’t as I’m doing this challenge. Never mind next year I can wear things a number of times in a different way.
This dress is a modcloth purchase which I have layered up due to the summer in Melbourne not being so warm today. I am also worried professionally this v-neck is too low and showie. Even though I don’t have a lot to show off I like to stay reasonably modest at work.
I hope everyone has a fairly ordered day as I am so far away from it I can barely remember the smell!







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