A little ray of shoe light!

Thank goodness for Friday! It’s been a week of dragging my feet and feeling a bit unorganised. I’ve certainly had one of those weeks where I cannot control my mouth through my mind fog- this can be good or sometimes bad. But mostly good of course!
I am so glad that at some stage in political history the government bought in a 38 hour a week working world. If I had to work more in this time and space I would be a space gadget.
Now what will get me through today- these shoes! I lovvvvve Modcloth for bringing such delightful shoes to life! I hate boring shoes and these babies are very much the opposite of boring!
I’m a bit floral for work. My floral number is very much a vintage flare piece by Bea & Dot. Why did i wear a casual floral dress to work? Two reasons- my shoes match a leaf in the fabric and because my other half wasn’t around to zip me up!
As we dawn on valentines day single ladies never fear, its really not the most romantic day of the year. It’s just a day for retail to make some money. I am taking the opportunities to go fine dine at me and the hubby’s favourite restaurant Pope Joan. I say take the opportunities as a lot of restaurants bring out the good menus and cutlery. I cannot wait!






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