Clothes that travel well

Another country stay and a new hair cut is what’s happen since I last wrote.
Today I am in a easy wear Princess Highway dress. It’s made of a poly fabric which is so easy to take away with me. I hate ironing and am terrible at it so when I am away I want items that can travel well. I like the slinky dresses that can be screwed up in a ball and still come out in their original state, give me a man made fabric anyway! I am all for cottons when I’m flowering around on the beach in Bali but travelling away for work is a different kettle of fish!
Did I wake up refreshed from a country sleep? Slightly after listening to the trucks pass all night I guess I dozed off.
I destroyed my healthy self over the week end having one too many wines, I can tell you right now it will be a while until I can stomach a drop of wine. It literally makes my stomach turn at the thought of it.
Like my travel wear I have had a hair cut. This is a much easier length for me. I love a good bob. I have to say my hairdresser is good but she wasn’t on board with my idea. I will work on this new hair dresser. She has reasonably bad manners, ignoring me for 50% of the visit. She was in the work zone but forgot the most important person in her very busy salon- the customer! Anyway I am all for second chances. The hair cut is good so I am 50% happy with the service.
I best be off. I’m feeling a little naked with the short length of this dress, but when its 36 degrees outside I think I will be appropriately dressed for the heat that awaits me.






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